Elizabeth Cameron Art Page

I paint custom portraits for
people of their family and pets.

The Publicity Page...


The Chicago Tribune,
November 19, 2006.
Writer: Mary Daniels
Home and Garden Feature
Click here to read article:
Painter captures family, furry friends sitting pretty...

The Racine Journal Times,
December 1, 2006.
Photographer: Gregory Shaver, front page.
Click here to see photo and caption:
Libby Cameron puts finishing touches on 15 foot topiary reindeer...

The Libertyville Saddle Shop Sentinel
October/November issue

The Chronicle of the Horse

American Carriage Driving
Winter 2006 issue

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Do you have friends & family who care
about their loved ones like you do?
Please let them know how I can be of service.
Your referrals are my best compliment!
Thank you.

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