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the Artist, Elizabeth Cameron. All work is copyrighted.
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It's a Dogarama Spectacular!

(Crown Point Smokin Red Bird)
for Dick and Barb Budny
watercolor mixed-media

Rb is one great little bundle of dog!
She is a flyball blur!
We got so many good photos of her that
Barb and Dick decided on two portraits. One,
this head study in watercolor, and the
other, a full body pose in oils.
What a great subject!

(Crown Point Smokin Red Bird)
for Dick and Barb Budny
oil 14 x 18

This was painted from one of my last reference
shots on the roll, as so often happens!
I figured I already had some super head
shots as she was so alert and expressive.
Then she climbed on a horse jump and something
caught her eye in the distance...

"Muffin" for Barb & Dick Budny
watercolor mixed-media

What a classic Norwegian Elkhound beauty!

"Daisy, Violet, and Iris" for Pam Johnson

What a good threesome.
Daisy, the bassett, may be having some words
with her 'sisters'. I am learning to look at the
subtle interactions in family packs more and more
and enjoy so much that I previously missed!

"Petunia" for Dr. Alic Marold DVM
watercolor mixed-media

I love painting for Dr. Marold. She liked
her Mastiff just "as is", and it was fun
to paint in all the bubbles!

"Betty & Tilly" for Greg & Jenny Berg

English Bull Terriers, with great personalities!
As an animal lover one of the best
perks of my "job" is getting to meet so many
fascinating breeds and their interesting owners.

"Three Generations" for Dr. and Mrs. Jim Kane of Barrington, Illinois

I was nervous to be photographing 3 dobermans,
but then I discovered how dear they were!
They were so well behaved.
This was a mother, daughter, and grandaughter.
They had the painting framed with a suede
matt and it looked fantastic!

"Dillinger" for Jim and Caren Heft

Talk about endearing personality!
Sometimes you just can't beat a
mixed breed dog!

"Ralph" for Cheryl and Aidan Mullett

Ralph was like a cartoon dog he was so cute.
Of course he had to be posed waiting by the
truck as he lived to go for those rides!

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