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None of this work can be copied without permission from
the Artist, Elizabeth Cameron. All work is copyrighted.
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Hunting & Horses...

"Circling Game"

This painting was created from blending several photos
I took while watching the Mill Creek Hunt
in Wadsworth, Illinois. Fox are more likely to travel straight,
coyotes are known for clever games like circling back.

"Working Hounds"

I liked the Oak Brook hunt territory in Illinois as it had
hills that gave a great overview of the action!

"Cold Day"

What fun to paint the colors against that snow
a departure from my realism that I enjoyed!

"King's Willow Pond"

The Illinois hunts visited Racine once a year.
It was a pageant I greatly looked forward to.
Since I was a trail rider I had scouted out good photo
spots ahead of time for painting reference shots!

"Hounds Crossing"

Fording the river in our southern riding area.

"God Rays"

This has been one of my best selling limited edition
prints! It's set at the kennels of the Mill Creek Hunt,
in Wadsworth, Illinois.

"University Of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm"

Quite a stable!

"Nora And Skeeter" for Dr. Nora Matthews, DVM
watercolor mixed-media

pDr. Matthews had seen my work on the cover of
The Chronicle of The Horse and called me.
I was delighted to get to paint her with her Appaloosa.

"Caesar" for Maggie and Dave Severino

Caesar is so well cared for in the sunset of his life, that I
even included his blanket to represent that.
Once near death, this gentle soul was rescued
and enjoyed many many happy years.

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