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Art Products Available:

See designs in the "Rainbow", "Romantic Reality", or "Flower Faeries" Collections!
You can special request my other paintings too!
Please email horseart@execpc.com for an order sheet.
Current prices are $18. for Tote or Tshirt, and $14. per mousepad.
Braiding/Cooking apron: $24. Shipping additional.

Most designs available on either
Tote, T-shirt, or Mousepads.
All work is copyrighted and individually custom created by the artist.

Romantic Reality Collection:

#46. Ruth's Kitties (Tote Design)

#47. Ruth's Kitties (Mousepad version)

#48. Polar Blue (Tote or Mousepad Design)

#49. Racine's Windpoint Lighthouse (Tote or Mousepad Design)

#50. Oliver On Air (Tote or Mousepad Design)

#51. Declan In Mist (Tote or Mousepad design)

#52. The Artist's Boots & Bit (Mousepad or Tote design)

#53. Icelandics On The Fly!(Mousepad or Tote design)

#54. Loving Children (Mousepad or Tote design)

#55. Okeden Clover - with green stripe
( Tote or makes adorable braiding Apron design)

#56. Okeden Clover- on white
(Tote or makes adorable braiding Apron design)

#57. Okeden Clover (Mousepad Design version)

#58. Mill Creek God Rays (Tote or Mousepad design)

#59. Circling Game (Tote design version)

#60. Circling Game (Mousepad version)

#61. Morgan Time Blue (Tote design only)

#62. Quality Time Red (Tote design only)

#63. Quality Time Blue (Tote design only)

The Latest Paintings From 2004-2005!
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NEW! Art Products "Rainbow" Totes, T-shirts and Mousepads! Collection
NEW! Art Products "Flower Faeries" Totes, T-shirts and Mousepads! Collection
NEW! Art Products "Romantic Reality" Totes, T-shirts and Mousepads! Collection

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